About us

TERMS a.s. offers a complex and flexible solution of deliveries of most modern technologies in the field of telecommunications, industrial automation, measuring and regulation, information technologies and unique software applications. We have our own production base in the Czech Republic and a team of highly qualified specialists at disposal. In cooperation with foreign partners we develop technical solutions reflecting demands of advanced technologies. The company keeps the quality standards and norms valid in EU countries.

TERMS a.s. has a fully equipped 2.5 hectares large production and storage capacity with 80 internal employees and 70 external associates at disposal. Since 2001 our high production quality has been assured with the system of quality management ISO 9001. Each year the company passes certification audit, assured by the company Lloyd's.

Our history

History of the public limited company TERMS starts at the beginning of 1990s, the time when democracy in the Czech Republic was developed and economy came back to the market principles. At the beginning the company profiled in the branch of measuring, regulation and industrial automation. Since the second half of 1990 the company concentrated on construction of networks of mobile operators, providing of data services and solution of orders in the branch of industrial and testing technology.

In 2002 the company was successfully transformed from partnership into the public limited company. By this act the new public limited company became the only legal continuator and bearer of all "know-how", history of realized orders and contractual relationships of the original TERMS v.o.s.. With increasing demand, the company divided into specialized divisions of products and services. The new modern production and assembly premises TERMS a.s. were built in the neighbourhood of the Airport Planá near České Budějovice.


The acquisition of Relax Mobil Ltd. to strengthen our position in providing virtual mobile services in the Czech Republic. Providing services to Šlágr Mobil. Starting a production of metal processing using CNC automated operations. Strengthening our position in the energy and electro mobility by building "Smart grid" networks using an electrical energy accumulation and a deferred consumption from renewable sources.


The company’s restructuring into individual divisions was completed.
Division 1 - covering the Automation and robotization, Energetics and services for Telecom operators.
Division 2 - Development of internet services GoPay, GoMobil, GoInternet, GoHosting, GoSMS and other products of Go family.
Division 3 - Administrative services for operational needs of the company, e.g. asset management, accounting, human resources.


Preparing for major changes and a reorganization of the company. Launch of GoMobil, our virtual mobile operator.


The sale of our business part "TERMSnet services and customers" to Telefonica O2 completed.


Preparing for a utilization of a deferred consumption of energy from renewable sources by accumulating electricity. It was decided to change a strategy in providing telecommunication services. The company will use a global infrastructure of overall operators to launch its own products and services.


The company participated in several solar projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including a complex supply of tracking and fixed systems. Important orders in automation and testing in the automotive industry were placed from Germany.


A construction of large solar parks PVP Světlík, PVP Čížová and PVP Mříč was completed. In the Automation division a production of our own control system for trackers began. GoPay payment system was launched.


Our company became a major supplier of photovoltaic systems in the Czech Republic and also abroad. In our new Software Solutions centre we started working on our own online SW applications.


Building a capacity of the company for a „solar boom“.


The important contract with Kapsch for a construction of toll gates in the Czech Republic was signed. Launch of providing overall ADSL services in a cooperation with O2. A construction of the first solar park Homole using dual axis trackers was completed.


A prototype of high performance solar tracking systems was completed - a trial operation launched. A cooperation agreement with SANYO and SunPower was signed.


The first phase of building our new business premises in Planá near České Budějovice was completed.


Development of high performance photovoltaic systems - one and two axis trackers.


The company decided to participate in the implementation of renewable photovoltaic sources for corporate and private investors.


A construction of backup power sources for mobile operators was launched.


Deepened cooperation with Bosch in a test technology and testing.


A full-fledged cooperation with all overall operators.


A production of telecommunication containers and towers. Our TERMSnet division was established to provide telecommunication services and the internet access.


The first phase of building our business premises in Planá near České Budějovice was completed.


A cooperation with Eurotel Ltd. in a design and building of mobile networks started.


Supply and installation of the "Biodiesel Mydlovary" control system - the largest chemical-technological factory in the South Bohemian region.


Merger and set up of one company TERMS and FASCH v.o.s. Implementation of the first orders for testing - BOSCH. Boilers management in district heating and supply of computer technology.


The TERMS company was founded operating in the "Measurement and control" - signing a partnership agreement with Honeywell for "Home and Building". The FASCH company was founded operating in "Automation of technological processes and computer technology".